PROJECT 100 DOGS is a study of 100 different dog breeds. The purpose of the study is not only to show that dogs have 100 different facial expressions but to also highlight the different personality of each breed, which will help you to choose the right dog for you and your family.
Every year thousands of healthy dogs are being put to sleep due to owners not being able to handle their dogs. Often this could have been avoided if the owners had been familiar with the characteristics of the dog breeds. The purpose of this project is therefore also to raise awareness about this major problem. Also when owning a dog of mixed breeds it is a good idea to be familiar with the characteristics of the different dog breeds.

It is said that a dog has 100 different facial expressions - but is this true? The project is testing this statement in an artistic way.

This ongoing project is a tribute to the Dog. 





Project 100 Dogs has been invited to participate in a Dog Show exhibition at SohoPhotoGallery in New York! 16 images from the project is being exhibited during December - the dogs are getting ready for their journey...

Project 100 Dogs has made its debut in the printed media - in the leading American magazine about dogs Dogster. On the internet Dogster is the leading community for pet owners, a write up about Project 100 Dogs can be found on their website.

Two photos from Project 100 Dogs (Projekt 100 Hunde) have been selected to take part in the Open: 2015 Exhibition at Amblewood Gallery for Contemporary Fine Art Photography in Georgia, USA. I am so proud of the dogs - and very honoured! The exhibition has been currated by photographic artist Anne Berry.

The lovely dogs from Project 100 Dogs (Projekt 100 Hunde) were selected for the semi-finale in the international photo competition at SohoPhotoGallery in New York! This is the first time ever that photos taken by a Danish photographer have been selected as a Semi-finalist in the SohoPhoto International Portfolio Competion - we are sooo proud of the beautiful dogs! Thanks to the dogs and the owners - and thank you SohoPhotoGallery for selecting the photos of the dogs!

This is amazing Dæå appearing on SohoPhoto Gallery's website.

Now the photos for the exhibition are starting to take form - these are the first 15 photos to be revealed.



The very first Preview from the project is now online at Pernille's GALLERY...

The first Movie from the project is now online at Pernille's GALLERY...



The 2 first posters in our unique project have been released.


The Beginning...

Projekt 100 Hunde (Project 100 Dogs) is now a reality - after 4 or more years of thinking, getting frustrated, laughing, talking, looking at dogs, and more thinking, Gitte and I have actually started taking the photos we wanted. Hopefully the time frame of 3 years will be realistic.

Gitte Westen Breaum from Kæledyrskompagniet and Photographer Pernille Westh have joined forces in this project.

We are planning to make an exhibition and a lot of other cool Projekt 100 Hunde-stuff.

News will be posted here regularly. Also please check out 100 Hunde on FaceBook and my FaceBook page Pernille Westh for updates.