Update on Project SHAPE 2016...

Project SHAPE has been alive since 2013. I have been all the way around manufacturers, shops, webshops, consumers, fairs, agents, etc. during this project. I has been an interesting adventure. I have learnt a lot about production, sales, and people. I have found that it is possible to make sustainable products, they way be not be without bumps, but it can be done. I have also found that, unfortunately, the price is the matter in most cases, and not the sustainability. I was sincerely hoping that from all we know by now about how pesticides, tree logging etc. are affecting our World - and the people - in a really bad way, we would choose sustainability. When choosing sustainability it sometimes costs more, because the outcome when producing organic is smaller than producing conventional. I believe that it is very important to have ones own impact on this World in mind in everything one do. So even if the outcome of the organic production is smaller, there are so many benefits that overrule the conventional production form. Birds, bees, soil, wildlife, nature, human bodies, plants etc. love organic - instead of the conventional killing it all in the long run. There might be more money retrieved from conventional production, but what is money worth if there is no world left to spend it in?

My idea with the project was to show that it IS possible to make sustainable design - and I truely love that the health of the people making my cushions is not harmed, I really like that the porcelain is decorated by hand, and that production is made as locally as possible. I wish for and hope that companies producing in one way of the other will choose the sustainable way - for everyones good, also their own...

I am closing down this project for now, and moving on to the next project. Project: I Lost My Mind, Found My Heart, and Then I Showed Up - a very personal photo essay. Also please check out Project 100 Dogs - a scientific art project that I am doing together with Gitte Westen Breaum.

Revealing Pernille's new line of design SHAPE...
Project SHAPE is about making sustainable designs with photographic art for our homes featuring wildlife, animals, and nature.

...the photograph used in different ways making useful things - SHAPE - the photograph used in different shapes...

Please enjoy the various designs with Pernille's delightful photos...

A lot of Danish elm trees has been felled due to elm tree disease. The sustainable wood are used
on Pernille's Fine Art prints of animals and nature giving the elm trees new life.
Our partner Kurtzweil has helped develop the frames. Kurtzweil also manufacture the frames, and the
company is located in our neighbourhood minimizing the transportation.

Our English partner Organic Cotton works with Genesh in India. Both companies are small family run companies.
Organic Cotton sets a pride in promoting organic fabric as conventional farming is very dangerous to the people
working in the fields, also it pollutes the soil and harm the wildlife.


When organic cotton are grown no pesticides are used, instead the farmers use pheromone traps and natural
repellents, and they hand pick the bugs that should not be in the crops. The amount of fabric that Organic Cotton
buys from Genesh make sure that the Genesh family avoid poverty. Organic farming also makes it possible for
farmers to rotate the crops, grow their own crops for food and keep some farm animals.


The photos show; Genesh's Aunt and her grandchildren - Genesh, his son, and a cotton worker - Boys picking nuts in
the field (if this was a conventional field it would be very harmful for the boys to be in the field, but because
this is an organic field they can pick and eat the nuts they find) - the shepherds huts (the shepherd send in their
sheep to graze when the cotton has been harvested, the sheep dung is used as manure)...

                 Photos: Organic Cotton.

Our other English partner is also a small company which is situated in the old textile area of Leeks. Most companies
long gone, and only a few are left. Paul does the printing. The sewing is made in Denmark by Kirsten at Dankir.
The photos show the industrial aspect of the printing of the organic fabric at our English partner Paul Seymour...

                  Photos: Paul Seymour.

The textile is made into cushions, tea towels, aprons, oven gloves amoung other things.
These products are sewed by Kirsten from the small Danish company Dankir.

We all have a responsibility to make as little impact as possible on nature. Therefore Pernille's designs are

made on organic fabric, FSC paper, and recycled paper. All the time we are trying to
find new sustainable ways to make our products. We honour quality and handmade things.